About the comic

The Adventures of Anxiety and Mouse is a hand-drawn comic by me, Janie. I look like this:

I like to express myself through Mouse. Mouse looks like this:

I didn't always have Mouse, they formed as I began to draw comics about emotional intelligence.
Mouse isn't me, but they're loosely based on my better self. And maybe yours too?
Mouse is the part of me that makes therapy appointments, responds to emails within 3 business days, and drinks enough water.

But my favorite part about Mouse might be Anxiety, who looks like this:

If Mouse is based on our better selves, Anxiety is loosely based on your inner child. A frustrated, tired, excited, and over-the-top inner child.

Anxiety is the part of you that wants to speak up more often, flip a few strangers off, and drink margaritas with breakfast.
They aren't always wrong, but maybe they shouldn't be in charge all the time?

Together, they make up my comic: Adventures of Anxiety & Mouse.

They're separate characters, trying to live life and make rational decisions together. Results vary.

Anxiety and Mouse share a life with Dragon, Mouse's boyfriend. Who is loosely based on my partner, Chris. Just a fire-breathing voice of reason. He looks like this:

That's basically all their is to it. Thank you for coming along for the ride.
I make this comic for you and for me, and for all our inner children who are trying to make up for lost time. 

If you want to be a part of the journey, consider supporting my Patreon or buying some memorabilia to keep you company.