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Hi! Here's a list of questions I receive often, if your question isn't here don't be shy! E-mail me:

Can I use your art as a tattoo?
Sure! Send me a picture! 

Do you take commissions?
Sure do! Check out my commissions info page for details.

I don't see the print I wanted, can you make one for me?
Probably! I have made so many different drawings and comics over the years, it's a total mess to make it all available listing by listing. What I have on my site is a curated collection of my favorites and the most requested, but if you want something special just send me an e-mail! and I can invoice you privately for a special print. 

Do you ever do critiques?
Sure! Message me on Instagram with some pictures of your work. 

I'd like to meet you! Are you interested?
Sure! I'm a busy, introverted bee and I don't leave my cave very often. But I do booth at events sometimes (signup for my e-mail list to hear about those!), and occasionally meet up for coffee with folks who want to talk art. Shoot me a message on Instagram!

Do you sell t-shirts?
Maybe someday, but not yet! Are you an indie t-shirt maker who wants to team up and make a rad line? Reach out. My dream is a line of silk-screened beauties.