Hi! Here's a list of questions I receive often, if your question isn't here don't be shy! E-mail me: info@janiestapleton.com

I don't see the print I wanted, can you make one for me?
Probably! What I have on my site is a curated collection of my favorites and the most requested, but if you want something special just send me an e-mail! info@janiestapleton.com and I can invoice you privately for a special print. 

Your shipping seems really expensive, what's up?
My shipping is automatically calculated at checkout, and despite my constant best efforts, it seems that I don't always understand the Shopify shipping system which can results in huge overages. But have no fear, if the shipping ends up being $2 or more than the actual cost, I will refund you the overage! This is especially applicable to stickers or other small "weightless" items. Also calculated into shipping costs is my packaging supplies, which vary item to item.

Can I use your art as a tattoo?
Sure! Send me a picture! 

Do you take commissions?
Sure do! Check out my commissions info page for details.

Can I have my print in a different size?

Possibly, but I can't promise. Most of my art is done smaller (just my style!) and doesn't scale very well. However if you desperately want a larger print and the one you want isn't available, email me (info@janiestapleton.com) and ask! It's possible I just haven't taken the time to update the listing yet.

Do you ever do critiques?
Sure! Message me on Instagram with some pictures of your work. 

I'd like to meet you! Are you interested?
Sure! I'm a busy, introverted bee and I don't leave my cave very often. But I do booth at events sometimes (signup for my e-mail list to hear about those!), and occasionally meet up for coffee with folks who want to talk art. Shoot me a message on Instagram!

Do you sell t-shirts?
Maybe someday, but not yet! Are you an indie t-shirt maker who wants to team up and make a rad line? Reach out. My dream is a line of silk-screened beauties.